My name is Alexei Puzikov and this is dream.com.ua, my personal web site. You probably know me as Oleksiy Puzikov, which is actually the same name, just different language.

This is the place where I'm sharing some of my thoughts, code and ideas.

Most probably you're here because of ShaderMan.Next - well, the link is at the top.

As of today, I'm working as CG pipeline developer for animation studio in Canada shader writer for a big FX studio in Wellington, New Zealand.

Most of my [constantly decreasing] free time goes into Renderman.ru community, a couple of my own projects, some research, lots of reading - and of course my family. I'm interested in VFX (which is my job nowadays), non-photorealistic rendering, all kinds of information visualisation and UI/UX/Usability, advanced programming techniques, self-healing distributed systems and supercomputing. Quite a hobby list, heh.

What else should be on a typical home page? Menu at the top, contact link at the bottom. But I've got a lot of other stuff to share:

Oh, and my current contract will expire soon, so I'm looking for job now! Not at the moment - thank you!