About me

My name is Alexei Puzikov - however, according to the documents, I'm Oleksiy Puzikov. Talk about differences between the Russian and Ukrainian languages (being correspondingly native and official language).

Born in 1976, finished high school with specialization in programming, and then Kharkov State University with BSc in Solid State Physics - you can find my diploma disseration here (it's in Russian, it's PDF and it cover photoinduced enhancement of light absorption in Ca3Mn2Ge3O12 garnet crystals).

Worked for 8 years in offshore outsourcing companies as Art Department Manager, Internet Department Manager, Lead Designer on more then 70 projects, working with leading US, Canadian and European companies.

At the same part, promoted Renderman and Gelato, consulted some studios, co-founded and administered one of the leading Russian FX-related communities - Renderman.ru. Created and released lots of 3d-related code, translated articles and documentation, took part and run presentations during conferences, wrote a chapter in Maya-related book about Renderman.

Recently switched careers and now working as Software Developer, working on pipeline for pretty well-known Canadian animation studio in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Interested in VFX (which is my job nowadays), non-photorealistic rendering, all kinds of information visualisation and UI/UX/Usability, advanced programming techniques, self-healing distributed systems and supercomputing.

Speak Russian, Ukrainian and English.

So that's my short CV. You can find formal resume here as well.

Just a reminder - my current contract will expire soon, so I'm looking for job now! Not at the moment - thank you!