Design. And UI. And UX. Which is actually User Experience. You know, usability and stuff. And also icons, buttons and other graphic elements.

One of the most important parts of every software application, web site and tool is a visual experience. This tiny (or not that tiny) percentage of the actual project that can ruing the whole thing - or make it unforgettable.

So I've spent more then 8 years as lead designer and art team leader in several offshore outsourcing companies working on lots of art-related projects - and also doing some web-related projects for my friends and myself. Let me just briefly outline some examples - some things I'm really proud of (and you can get full list of projects per request).

Analyzing my previous work, I've found that with time I'm prefering to work on more simple, cleaner designs with less details - or more subtle details. So, if you're looking for trash and grunge - that's probably not about me. However I'd be happy to submit the usability report on such a project.

Fabrique IDE (for JetBrains)

As lead UI and UX designer and part of outstanding development team worked on JetBrains Visual Fabrique, the innovative IDE for web applications. Produced both visual and user experience aspects of product interface; in close collaboration with programmers and QA personnel went thru several major revisions of product’s functionality and appearance. Developed sketches, diagrams, functional and design prototypes, personas, guidelines, documentation. Wrote articles and took part in real world projects using the product prototype.

Some of the artifacts left from this wonderful project:

Being the co-creator and administrator of community, I'm also it's sole developer and designer. All the code behind all the features - and all the ideas behind this and previous designs - are mine. Sometimes it's a bit of a burden to be the only person responsible - but not this time.

Pretty simple design with colors, provided by client. Complete redesign of forum engine in use for support. Site approved after first submission - well, knowing the client from the previous projects has it's perks.

The company I've left to join the animation studio in Canada. Wonderful place to work, lots of inspiration and ability to stay on your design position - a holy grail for any designer. Sometimes I miss them so much.

Note the innovative site navigation idea.

This web site

What you're browsing now is actually the 6ths redesign of my web site; the 2nd one won the prize in local competition in 1999.

Oh, and my current contract will expire soon, so I'm looking for job now! Not at the moment - thank you!