I've started with ZX Spectrum back in high school. Then Pascal on MSX computers from Yamaha, and this language is still with me. Back in the same school I wrote the spreadsheet - in text mode, on 64k machine, using Turbo Pascal 3.0. Then it was assembler for XT, i286, i386 and the others up to SSE extensions. Graphics programming for some exotic video modes. Then 3d rendering. Delphi, Object Pascal, programming for Windows. The Big Web Hype, with JavaScript, Perl, later PHP (I'm still using it for my sites). And now - the professional programming, using C/C++, Python, some Tcl, Unix shell and lots of other applicable languages, like Maya MEL.

First version of ShaderMan was written with Delphi and some C. The current version - ShaderMan.Next - is full Python. I read a lot about FP, Lisp, Erlang and Haskel, but haven't managed time to write something in them yet. This is how it goes so far.

I've removed most of the downloads, since they came without source code or any support anyway, but you might be interested that at some time this web site hosted or showcased:

Oh, and my current contract will expire soon, so I'm looking for job now! Not at the moment - thank you!